International Peace Day!


On Thursday, September 21st our students along with students from around the world participated in the International Day of Peace! This year’s theme was “Pinwheels for Peace”. As a grade level we decided that trying to take on 40 little kiddos trying to make their own pinwheels might be too adventurous for us to try; so, we each made one big class pinwheel! They turned out amazing! The children really had a fun day that encompassed showing peace, giving peace, and teaching peace!

We had so much fun all wearing white on Thursday! (The color that represents peace). The children were excited to see all the different types of clothing that are white. We went around the morning/afternoon meeting showing off our white clothing! We also had the children make a list of what peace means to them, and then the visited our writing center where they illustrated their own version of peace. These have been place in their journals at school. During our day, we sang our “Peace Song” along with showing our friends a sign of peace by giving others a hug! It was very sweet!


Our morning class ventured out into the ABC Peace Garden on Bryn Mawr Ave, where we pinned our pinwheel to the big peace tree truck! They were delighted to see their work displayed for all to see! Our afternoon class ventured out to the playground park where we pinned their pinwheel to one of the trees out there! They too were super excited to have their peace pinwheel displayed!


Click on the link below to see our Peace Day Video!

Peace Day at Peirce Preschool


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First Two Weeks of School!

Our preschoolers in room 121 have been having a lot of fun learning through play these past two weeks! From learning each other’s names, learning and following routines, listening to stories, learning how to share and clean up after ourselves, we have been busy bees!


Check out our Magisto slideshow to see what we’ve been up!

Peirce Preschool Room 121

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First Day of Preschool!


The first day of school can be hard for Mom and Dad.

Part of you feels excited; the other part feels sad.

For several years you’ve held their hand, and have been their loving guide.

Now you know the time has come to leave them by my side.

But it’s only for a little while, as your child will learn and grow.

And at the end of every day, they will share with you all they know!

So as you walk away, don’t worry anymore!

I’ll take care of all those precious gifts, when you leave them at my door!

Love, Miss Hopkins and Miss Santiago


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Welcome to Preschool! Meet the Teachers!

Welcome to Peirce Preschool Room 121! We are thrilled you will be part of our amazing and loving community this year! To those families who are returning, we are so glad to have you back! We missed you over the summer! Miss Santiago and I are looking forward to help build the foundation of education with your child this year. It is a true honor to be one of their first teachers (after you of course), and we hope that this year is a year of growth through play!

To help you get better acquainted with us, we have created a “Meet the Teachers” newsletter. You may view that here: Meet The Teachers 2017-2018

See you all on Tuesday, September 5th! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Miss Hopkins on her first day of preschool! 


Miss Santiago on preschool picture day! 


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End of the School Year!!!

End of school sign on magnetic board

Thank you for a wonderful school year! We are going to miss the 23 students heading off to Kindergarten next year! They were a wonderful group of children! Thank you for sharing your children with us this year. It truly is an honor to be one of their first teachers! Miss Santiago and I want to thank all of our families for the beautiful cards, letters, emails, and hugs of appreciation. We teared up reading many of them! You all are too kind! Please enjoy our end of the school year video!

Good-Bye to Our 5 Year Olds!




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Emily Oaks Nature Center: Walking Through the Woodlands


On May 11th, we embarked on our field trip to the Emily Oaks Nature Center in Skokie, Illinois. As part of our unit of inquiry into How the World Works, students have been curious about seeds, flowers, plants, and insects! This excursion to the woodlands was a wonderful experience for the children, and we took a nature walk through “the woodlands” to meet five different living things throughout the nature center. Please click on the link below to check out our field trip!

Emily Oaks Nature Center: Walking Through the Woodlands

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Spring Has Sprung!

Take a look at all the wonderful things that we have been observing outside!

Spring Has Sprung Video!

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